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Welcome to SBI referrals program. Through the SBI referrals program, SBI matches small businesses/organizations in need of consulting services with SBI member college and university students throughout the United States participate in hands-on learning experiences. The SBI program uses junior and senior-level undergraduate or graduate-level students, under faculty supervision, to provide business consulting and technical assistance and/or business/feasibility plan development to small businesses/organizations. 

The purpose of the SBI program is to provide high quality business consulting to clients requesting assistance while providing an extraordinary learning experience for college and university students through the field case consulting model.  These consulting services are typically offered at a low cost or perhaps free, depending on the SBI program at a specific school.  High quality business consulting--the object of the SBI program--is comprised of direct contact between the student team and the client, detailed analysis of the client's business/concept, thorough research, and a useful case/project report. Each report--the ultimate product of the program--is tailored to the individual client's business and embodies sound business management principles. In evaluation the merit of each case/project report, SBI Directors and Project Supervisors will be guided by the client's actual business needs. 

To qualify for the referral program, potential clients must:

-Have a project that would fit in an academic period (typically a semester)

-Be willing to meet with the student and provide all needed information (confidentiality statements are utilized)

-Meet any requirements needed by the specific SBI program that you are being referred to

The Application Process

If you are a small business owner/organization executive and would like to be referred to an SBI member for possible consulting services, please complete the online referral form below. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy
(Click here) and submit it by mail or fax.  SBI staff will forward your referral form to the most appropriate SBI member who are either in you area or available to provide consulting services through distance learning.  



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