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After a 40-year trek, Marilynn Barr graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro (Studio Art major, Entrepreneurship minor). The experiential learning opportunities within the Small Business Institute® played an important role in her learning how to become a more seasoned entrepreneur.  During her amazing trek, Marilynn created a variety of hands-on activities to make learning fun for her young son, which led her to a first job as an artist for a publishing house. Eventually, the opportunity to work as a freelance illustrator for a number of publishing companies led to opening the doors to writing, illustrating, research, and developing numerous series of learning resources for early childhood.

Watching and listenting as the invention of ever-changing and improved digital media and devices, many people, especially young children, have come to rely on these same devices for entertainment, recreation, and learning.  While there are conflicting ideas concerning the reliance on these technological devices creating learning problems, early childhood skills will always involve hands-on skills practice and development as the foundation for future learning successes.

To foster this necessary foundation, Little Acorn Books™’ Founder, Marilynn Barr, initially inspired by making a variety of creative learning tools for her son, who is now raising his own children, formed Little Acorn Associates Inc. and added Little Acorn Books™ as an independent press. Our publishing efforts focus on producing early childhood resources and hybrid picture books focusing on the development of early learning skillsundefinedthe cornerstone for every child’s future success.

"Little Acorn Books™ provides a unique, hands-on book experience that offers rich learning opportunities to stimulate the imagination and reinforce the early skills necessary for a lifetime of success. Our teaching resources offer a wealth of skills practice activities, games, puzzles, patterns and worksheets for early childhood educators and caregivers."

  • Parents striving to further their children’s cognitive development find our creative resources introduce and reinforce developmental growth and take full advantage of the years when a child’s rate of learning is optimal. 
  • Early childhood teachers and preschool programs can build reliable resource libraries to supplement lesson plans that fuel student interests. 
  • Children, as early as infancy, are captivated by the visual stimulation, narrative, and adventure stored in our books.
  • The hands-on features of our activities and projects add to each child's interests and reinforces learning.
  • Little ones learn about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers and practice reading, storytelling, early math, spatial concepts, language arts and develop fine motor skills. 
  • Our "Bear" series is currently available in English and Spanish as will all our future titles.

Marilynn has become a more knowledgable business owner due to her experiences at UNC-G. To learn more about books published by Little Acorn Books™ please visit their website at:

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