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Dr. Dennis Barber III, Assistant Professor of Economics, is now a Small Business Institute Director at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. Through professional development with his mentors, he plans to adapt the SBI student consulting model to fit with the skill sets of economics majors. Armstrong State University recently approved a B.S. in Business Economics in fall 2014. Since the degree has been launched, the economics department has experienced nearly 60% growth in the number of majors.

Dr. Barber III intends to use this growing interest in business to engage with the Savannah small business community. In the hopes of competing for the national Project of the Year, Dr. Barber III hopes to encourage some of the top majors in Business Economics to participate in the small business consulting course. The first section of the small business consulting course will be offered in spring 2016. Dr. Barber III received a grant co-sponsored by the Economics Department and the College of Liberal Arts at Armstrong State to facilitate the development of the course during the summer of 2015.

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